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Humour and all
Sorry Jeff Gordon Fans, We're just trying to make a few people laugh, if you wish , we can take it out just email the site staff.
We support the many random acts of hate done to Jeff Gordon and matter a fact we hate him too on the track , but we dont hate him as much as a person though it may seem as we do sometimes Wink.  

FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted : (A Comical Version)
1. Jeff Gordon
    Possibly hiding in a Shoebox
    Reward : $37.1 Million

We'll add more right away as soon as we have some ideas


Jokes :

1) Mark Martin has had a terrible year this year, and we cant really blame him or his team.Well , I think he just needs some Viagra , to speed up his car and fire it up a bit.

2) The fans will never accept Jeff Gordon as their Hero no matter how much he whines, That was the joke